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How will the covid-19 crisis change our attitude towards owning cars?

In the chaos of New Coronavirus COVID-19, the world is in a period of volatility. It suddenly appears and seems to have changed its life, or even changed from a few weeks ago. What happened is unusual. Will this crisis change our long-term attitude towards environmental issues?
As industry has also stalled, the decline in travel is not the only contributing factor, but we have seen a decline of 200 megatons in China alone. Some pointed to previous international crises, such as the financial crisis in 2008, when there was a short and significant decline in polluting gases, but they rose again after a sharp recovery. This problem is very different from that one. Although financial institutions have succumbed, the whole mechanism of industrial capitalism has stalled this time, and no living soul has ever seen such a thing.
Given the complexity and uniqueness of the situation, should we try to predict whether it will make us drive less? Countless of us now work from home, and we didn't before. Once we have done this for some time, it may be double positive. First, it may be a way for employers to save money without paying for office space, and it becomes very attractive for employees to stay at home permanently. Secondly, we may find that this is also a very beneficial way of working for employees. It will save them money and time for commuting and give them more time to spend time with friends and family.

We hope that reducing commuting can reduce the traffic on our roads, but what type of vehicles will dominate the remaining road space? We know that the early purchase cost of electric vehicles may be very high. Although the lower fuel cost is enough to make up for this throughout the life cycle of the vehicle, if employment opportunities are scarce, this initial investment may be too much for many people. With the widespread use of charging points, electric vehicle charging applications and battery life extension, the desire to become an environmentally friendly driver may exist, and we can only hope that it is affordable.

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