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What will be the future of electric vehicles?

    As the association of automobile manufacturers and traders said, the purchase of electric vehicles is still growing, with an annual increase of about 62%. Although the numbers look positive, does this prove that the future is all electric? Or will obstacles in the industry stop the movement? However, in the past 10 years, the power of the whole automobile market has surged, and new hybrid models and all electric vehicles will be launched every year. With the development of performance and battery life, all electric vehicles have become an acceptable choice for daily vehicles. Now, they outperform some gasoline and diesel vehicles.
YouGov conducted a poll in which only 4% of respondents said they were likely to replace the current electric vehicles with electric vehicles. As far as the growth of electric vehicles is concerned, the respondents' answers are quite disappointing, with 22% and 25% saying that it is unlikely and impossible respectively. In a Onepoll survey, nearly 60% of respondents said they would consider using one of the vehicles, such as Mercedes EQC, to help reduce emission levels.
     Although this is not very promising, ministers said that by 2030, most new cars will need to be electrified. And the average driver can use the car for six years, which shows that electric vehicles have enough time to become a more ideal product, not just a moral choice. Compared with the next few years, the time frame is longer and the response is more positive, with a total of 38% saying they have the possibility or better access to electric vehicles. Obviously, people agree that they are an improved concept, and their existence and development are necessary.

    One of the motivations for switching to electric is that it reduces the harm to the environment. It is proposed that the production of all gasoline and diesel vehicles will be stopped by 2040 and that such vehicles should be completely stopped on the road by 2050. However, what attracts new customers is the lower operating cost, because the operating cost of electric vehicles is about one-fifth of that of gasoline vehicles. Although the transition to electric vehicles seems certain, it is not necessarily a simple transition. It depends on the size of the project. However, the future of electric vehicles is certainly bright.

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