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The development trend of power expansion and cost reduction of on-board charger products

    For the development trend of power expansion and cost reduction of on-board charger products, there are mainly two technical forms:
    1) Function expansion: One-way charging technology develops to two-way charging technology.
For vehicles with low battery power (such as PHEV, miniaturized EV, etc.), one-way low-power on-board charger products will still be widely used.
On the other hand, with the rapid advancement of electric vehicle intelligent driving technology, in order to improve the convenience of vehicle charging and enhance user experience, vehicle wireless charging has further become a technological outlet.
    2) Power expansion: Single-phase charging technology develops to three-phase charging technology.
At this stage, many EVs do not support AC charging power levels higher than 6.6kW, but the AC connectors support single-phase power levels up to 19kW (US), 14kW (Europe) and up to 52kW (US), 43kW (Europe, China) ), the standardised charging power and EV AC charging capabilities are not yet fully matched, so there is considerable potential to increase AC charging levels within existing charging standards.
In order to increase the charging power and reduce the cost, weight and required space of the vehicle charging system, the effective integration of the battery charger and the motor driver has become one of the important paths of on-board charging technology.

The maximum charging level supported by an EV, whether DC or AC, is limited by the heat dissipation allowed by the power electronics and the battery, and the EV thermal management system must be designed to allow the battery to operate properly during driving and charging at the specified temperature. Therefore, the integrated charger also avoids additional cooling system and component requirements when designed for EVs charging at these power levels.

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