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How to prepare your electric car for the winter?

When the climate gets cold, your battery is the main source of trouble for your electric vehicle. The normal electric driving range of plug-in hybrid vehicles may be between 30-35 miles; However, when it drops to 10 miles, it should give you the first clue to the problem. The following are suggestions for winter protection of EV battery. First, keep your car running all winter; This means charging and discharging the battery to keep the cabin heater and battery warm. Also, always charge the battery to keep it warm.
When it is colder in a year, start the vehicle remotely for at least 30 minutes, and then unplug it from the power supply, which can expand the range of the vehicle. Pretreatment allows the interior of the car to warm up without depleting the battery. You can customize some electric vehicles to start pretreatment at a predetermined time to ensure that your vehicle is ready for movement. One way to expand the range of vehicles in winter is to monitor tire pressure. In cold climates, the air level in the tires shrinks more easily. When this happens, your tire pressure will begin to drop, which will reduce the efficiency of your vehicle.
As with pretreatment, using the car in the eco mode setting is crucial for winter driving. Most electric cars have energy-saving drive settings, and you can switch to, although it may feel slower than usual. But this is necessary to improve the range and efficiency of the car. In addition, eco mode will reduce the motor power output of your vehicle and support traction in ice and snow, just like driving in third gear in a traditional vehicle. More importantly, most modern electric vehicles are equipped with heated seats and steering wheel, which will help protect against the cold.

Defrosting the windshield will drain the battery. To avoid fogging, make sure to clean the windshield with an amino cleaner. Dirty windscreens can get wet, which can cause fog. Electric vehicle experts recommend using cheap gel dehumidifier to help you turn on the defrosting device. In addition, install enough windshield wipers to remove ice and snow. When winter weather strikes, summer tires usually do not work. Deeper tread and soft rubber tires provide better traction, improve grip and optimize your braking system.

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