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Electric vehicle on-board charger.

Electric vehicle charging solutions mainly include contact charging (AC & DC charging) and non-contact charging (wireless charging). According to different charging forms, in addition to the DC charging system, electric vehicles must also be equipped with OBC (On-borad Charger, on-board charger), so that the car can be charged using ordinary household power sockets.
The OBC (on-board charger) installed on an electric vehicle is mainly composed of a power circuit (rectifier + PFC + phase-shifting full-bridge & LLC) and a control circuit. As an on-board power electronic component, a good on-board charger mainly needs to have the following characteristics:
◆ Safety: connected to the power grid to prevent the electrical risk of the product in the event of failure;
◆ Reliable: Reliable and stable operation in the whole life cycle of the product, and reduce the impact of harmonics on the quality of power grid power;
◆ Efficient: high energy efficiency, involving the charging of vehicles;
◆ Wumart: Reasonable product volume, structure and appearance meet the requirements of vehicle system integration;

◆ Cheap: high power density (kW/Kg), and ensure that the on-board charger meets the cost control requirements of the whole vehicle.

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